Where is the half of the wine?

After the bath , I like to drink wine with chocolate in bathrobe.That is why I am a little fat.So I also watch some funny and interesting videos in internet in the same time.So I can not feel how to spend time with wine and computer.Then suddenly my wine is finished then I will take agian.I was asking by myself like “Why is the wine so nice?”.Then I said “Oh my God,I took the wine more , where is my wine?”.Again I went to kitchen , I tried to open the bottle.So I beat it.I took new one.I was continuing to spend time regulerly.I decided to search in internet , I saw something.”The wine can make you sleepy.”.I don’t know why , I was feeling sleepy.What can I do against slepping?Of course , I didn’t win this war.So when I sleep , somebody ask me “Where’s the half of the wine?”.In sleep , I can’t lie ( honest I can not lie in fact too ) , I say ” I don’t know”.Then I woke up…

Good mornig!!!