Why We Want More and More!

We , all people , want to be the best on the world.But why?I think people don’t know how to see the life.If you have enough patience and effort , you are already rich person.A lot of people have to work faster so they don’t think about the present time or think only the present time.It’s like two groups to live.I don’t know about myself but I am already in one of the these groups.Who knows!But I have patience and effort.Because I tried to learn English by myself so nowadays I can understand.So if we want better future so we have to think and try.And try more and more!We are the people , can do everything if we want.So when you are in difficulty , think other past people.Like “Nikola Tesla , Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , Leonhard Euler and more successful people in any subjects.”.We have to try more and more so what we can want more and more.Like to live guys!


First Article…

I’m going to write something about why i have started to write my blog.I like to explain my article with the reasons.So why have i shared this song?Because this blog name is from this song “The Roof of the Street”.So maybe somebody listen the song then like.And other reason is my mind.Because i can write my ideas here so my mind will be free.My English is not perfect.I know that but i am going to improve it without any plan.Don’t make plan in your life guys.I think it makes your life more bad.I can suggest that life for yourself , your family and for traveller.Who knows “Maybe Real Maybe Dream…”